Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Registration Time is Just Around the Corner...

I can't wait for my girls to start school. Some of you may remember that I was debating about whether to home school or not to home school. Clearly I have decided. I'd like to...really. However, the reality is that I need space. I need to be left alone, regularly. Otherwise, I start to get very agitated and snappy. As it stands right now, there is no part of my day (or night) that goes uninterrupted. Some people may like having their kids by their side 24/7...not me. Don't get me wrong, I not only love my children...I like them too. But I need time away from them and they need time away from me.


  1. Agreed on all counts. My oldest is much happier going to school than home with me on vacation. It makes for a nice balance. I wonder if there's something wrong with me when I am counting the days until school starts up again, but then think I am definitely NOT the weird one!!!

  2. I agree a point. Sometimes I miss my oldest and think she woudl make the day more fun and engaging except that she desn't nap any more nd I need a nap...

  3. Adiaha, I'm totally with you on the nap thing. At the very least, I need some detox time.

    LZ, there's definitely a lack of balance. The girls and I are together 24/7. I think they need a change of scenery, some new challenges. I need time to focus on my new project.