Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Why I hate sharing bathrooms

The move is done. There are still some boxes but for the most part, it feels like home. Unfortunatly when we moved, we had to down-size on a few things. One of those things was the bathroom. Instead of 2 & 1/2 bathrooms, we are now down to 1. There are six of us. Hence the title of this post. So here goes:

Why I hate sharing bathrooms

Reason #1 - Having to clean the bathroom before I can use it.

Reason #2 - Having to wait to use it while I clean it.

Reason #3 - Cleaning it then not being able to enjoy it while it's still clean.

Reason #4 - Having to wait for everyone else to use it, then only having just enough energy to clean it.

Reason # 5 - Doing my best to schedule and shorten shower time in order to have hot water for everyone only to have someone totally disregard the conservation effort and take a 20-30 minute shower. Now we all have to wait 30-45 minutes before anybody can get water that's warmer than room temperature.


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  1. Well you better get used to it honey you have 2 little ones that are going to fight like you & Tina over that space we call restroom. AML