Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To Homeschool, or not to Homeschool

I ran into a neighbor of mine the other day. We were talking about our children's personalities and how they develop. She revealed that she home schooled and wanted to know if I had decided whether to do the same for the girls. I confessed that I am undecided. One the one hand, I would like to have a little time to myself. I miss it terribly. However, I also want to be sure that my girls everything they need when they need it. My neighbor mentioned all the bad habits her niece picked up after she started regular school. This reminded me of the bad habits my mother said that my sister and I picked up when we started school. Ours weren't nearly as bad as my neighbor's niece, still it was food for thought. Homeschooling would better allow me to to monitor the positive and negative influences that children are bound to encounter. I love the idea of not being the last to know what's going on with my girls. My husband on the other hand, has other ideas. Not only does he want them in school, but in both the before and after school program as well. It seems rather extreme and unnecessary considering I'm a stay at home mom. Then I realize he's still hoping I go back to work full time. Still, it's not what I want for my girls. I want to raise them, teach them. I want them to be able to have their lessons, take a ballet class, visit a museum and run a quick errand at the mall all before dinner. I know I'm not asking too much. But I think my husband would be much more at ease if I could at least replace the income I made before I went on maternity leave (and never came back). I would certainly feel less guilty. A second income would ease the strain he's feeling for sure. So if there is anybody out there looking for a children's book, song, guest blogger, please contact me. My husband will thank you profusely.

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