Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Annoyed

Today, the 8yr old is home sick. That means I'm stuck in the house on a beautiful day. To make matters worse, is going to be cold and rainy later on in the week. It totally annoys me when I'm unable to enjoy a warm sunny day. It annoys me even more that I'm annoyed about someone being sick in the first place. It feels quite selfish. You'd think that I would be used to having to change my plans on a whim. You would think that I have come to terms with making concessions. The kids will probably be grown before I get the hang of it. However, the one point on which I refuse to concede is sharing food. Yes, I know, that's what moms do. BUT, if what I put on their plate is the same exact thing that I put on my plate, then why do I have to share the food on MY plate? If anyone comes up with an answer, let me know. I need to pass it along to my husband.
By the way... this rant was inspired by One-Minute Writer's Today's Writing Prompt: Vent

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