Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Best Mother's Day Present

When I was younger, I thought that Mother's Day was supposed to be just the way it was portrayed on television shows and commercials. The mom, who takes care of everyone else all year, gets pampered for the day or weekend. The family would make her breakfast and present her with homemade gifts, sentimental cards and jewelry. After giving birth to the girls, The ideal gift was a break from taking care everyone and having my husband make one of my favorite dishes for a special meal. This year it's different. Every day I work to create balance between the wants, needs and dreams for each family member. My sensitive nature won't allow me to rest knowing that there's always something to be done. Like my family, I also have wants, needs and dreams. They need to be tended to as well. So, what I want for Mother's Day and every other day is respect. It's not too much too ask that my wants and needs be included on the family's to do list, like theirs is on mine. I know my dreams don't exactly coincide with my husband's plans for the family. Still, I deserve active support with the things that are truly important to me. Respect is the most basic and most important part of love. Respect is what requires you to treat a person the right way all of the time, regardless of what your feeling at that moment. If I could have this everyday, then I wouldn't care about Mother's Day. Instead, everyone could save their money and buy me an even better present for my birthday in June.


  1. Hello and Happy Mother's Day. I respect your character and sincerity. I probably have many more pages than you in my Book of Life. Some of the words in my book are happy and sad. I experienced early in motherhood that my children don't respect me. However, after healing and nurturing myself I realized the best character I have is self-respect. This is a magnificent gift. I thought I lost it along the way, and it was a clear day when it surfaced.

  2. I truly believe that when you lose respect, you lose your way in life. So, I'm very glad to hear that you have redicovered your "gift". I hope there will be many happy pages from now on in your Book of Life. Please feel free to come back and visit. I would love to know how you are doing.