Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Remedies

My girls don't like to be dirty. They want to wash their sticky hands clean. They want clean shirts when there are stains on the ones they are wearing. The girls even want mommy to "wash" their snacks when they fall on the table or on the floor. Trying to explain why you can't wash applesauce to a couple of toddlers isn't easy. (Demonstrations work best at their age.) When crumbs are on the table, the meal comes to a complete halt until they're gone. Knowing all of this causes me to wonder about the recent chain of mealtime events. Last night, my 2 year old was washing her face with ketchup. Does the acidic nature of ketchup make for good exfoliant? This morning, she decided to wash her hair with the milk left over from her cereal. Is there any real benefit from conditioning the hair with whole milk? Are these toddler versions of home remedies? I think I shall stick with my first thought...messy only becomes "dirty" when you're no longer having fun.

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