Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To: Everyone

Every time I start to forget why I cut certain people out of my life, they remind me. I need to write this stuff down. These people are so not worth the frustration and emotional drama that I allow them to put me through (not that anyone is). These folks are taking up way too much of my time. There are people out in the world who want, need and will actually use the gifts that I have to share. They will use my advice, my support, my dedication and loyalty to better their situation...to grow. So...

Do not ask questions you don't want to hear the answers to.

Don't expect me to keep listening to your same old drama, give you the same (and very accurate) advice only to have you not follow it (even though you know you should).

For those that seek my opinion then proceed to discount what I say or turn it against me: No Comment.

To the ones who pretended to be on a journey with me, who told me that they would follow me anywhere then made excuses or disappeared... you know my motto: "I'll do it with or without you." The choice is yours.

And finally for those to whom I have done (and in some cases is still doing) any of the above...I apologize. I love you and value your wisdom, your support and your unfailing loyalty. I will do better. If you are reading this and you're not sure if you fall into this category...you will when I make you proud!

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  1. Theresa I read your little speech. All I can say is, You go girl! Love, Mom.