Thursday, October 29, 2009

Due Diligence

The wonderful thing about living in the 21st century is the ability to create your own opportunities. If you need to know how to do can look it up. If you need to know people, you can meet them on one or several of the different networking sites. Maybe you need info regarding a product or service. You not only have the option of checking out their site, but other's reviews and whether or not the company is legit. The only way you can go wrong is by not doing your due diligence.

This leads me to the whole reason why I've been writing here less. Yes, I know that's no excuse. However, there are just times when a person needs to just hunker down and get busy. There were a few things that I allowed to throw me off track. There will be more of course, but I refuse to let them keep me off track. I've been writing, of course. There are a few outlets that I'm very excited about. I have chosen to focus more time at these places because they fit with my schedule (or lack thereof).


Constant Content

I like these two. I can write about the topics I choose as they come to me. I don't have to wait for someone to order something. I know that eventually, someone will need one of my articles and seek it out. No, I don't really like to wait to get paid. However, I do believe in being ahead of the curve and ready for anything. I never know what my schedule is going to be like from one week to the next. Building a portfolio and letting it do the work even when I can't just makes the most sense to me. 

BTW- Constant Content is a referral link. Don't want to be in violation of any laws. Moms don't really have time for that sort of thing. lol

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