Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Snack Time

I've been pretty lucky so far with my girls. There has never been any major problems with them sticking things up their noses or in their ears... until today. My youngest stuck a piece of cereal up her nose. She came crying to me saying "Mommy, I can't get it out!". In the back of my head, I was thinking that she was too old to be doing things like that. But then I remembered that she was still just two years old. She hasn't mastered the art of blowing her nose yet, so I had to perform minor surgery on the spot. I even checked her ears for good measure. Whew! No more cereal.
Now they are pretending to be kitty cats. Guess that means snack time is over. Hopefully, the girls won't try to eat lunch with their feet!


  1. LOL! My brother once stuck a peanut up his nose he was only a year old and no one knew until his breath began to stink..The doctor after 5 visits form my mom found it and had a hard time pulling it out it was growing fungi that was sticking to the side of his nose. That was my favorite story to tell all his girlfriends to embarrass him!

  2. That's so wrong! But really, I'm just glad that the girls are old enough to tell me these things. I'd hate to have to find out the hard way like your mom.