Monday, May 18, 2009

Pointless Discussions

Last week I decided to start making pancakes from scratch instead of buying the mix. I figured that I might as well since no matter what it's still going to take me just as much time to make. Homemade pancakes are also cheaper, but of course my husband doesn't think so. He says that I should just give them cereal and milk because it will cost less. Clearly, he hasn't done the math and I refuse to do it for him. Sometimes I get upset and I feel as though he doesn't trust my judgement. Then I put everything into context: This is a man who still tries to eat like a teenager even though he clearly has a thirty-something metabolism. The fact that all that processed food isn't very kind when it comes back out doesn't seem to matter very much to him. For my husband, taste still seem to come before health. So later on, when he questioned my need to buy white distilled vinegar when we had apple cider at home, I stated the purpose and left it at that. Not everyone knows that you can make cake using vinegar.

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