Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Justice Served?

Michael Vick is out of prison now and I'm still disgusted. I'm not upset about him going because I believe one should for such a crime. Still I've never known anyone that went to jail, let alone spend any serious time in it, for dog fighting. The fact the people spent so much time crucifying him seems like such an absurd waste of time. Drunk drivers, rapists, domestic abusers, etc., can get off with the same amount of time or less. This is not a human versus animal, who's more important debate. I'm just saying that too often, dangerous repeat offenders can very easily spend only a couple of days or months in jail and be back out in society. If we all spent as much time on updating laws and justice systems as was spent on Michael Vick and his crime, imagine how much safer would humans and animals alike be.


  1. As I once held jobs dealing with animals that were involved in dog fighting I think education is key.I think if people were made aware of how much these dogs go through physicly & psychologicly they may not be so quick to fight them.I also have to say that the motives are wrong in the first place some only do it for money others to releave frustation.I do want him to play for the Cowboys though if he does come back to the NFL & has at least 2/3rd the talent he left with.I agree he was only publized because he is,as in any similar circumstances,a celebrity so he is celebrated. AML

  2. I agree the amount of time and energy thrown at Mr. Vick was absurd. He did break the law though and if you are a celebrity and you break the law you get what you got coming :(. Hopefully Mr. Vick will be allowed to return to his career and live his life having paid society for his criminal behavior.